Why Reading makes us Wise and Successful

There is a saying: 'People stop thinking, when they stop reading'. And it is certainly true. There is no development without reading, because books are the main source of knowledge. They train our memory and attention, expand the overlook and boost creativity. Literature teaches 'the culture of the mind'; it forces think and analyze, make conclusions and consider the world in various colors and shades, not just black and white. A person, who is not accustomed to read, possesses a small limited vocabulary, and his conversation is filed with words-parasites that are used to disguise poor vocabulary. When reading a person becomes more competent, because he unconsciously remembers the correct spelling of words and uses them in his everyday life. Reading books is important for several reasons:

- It develops speech and increases the vocabulary. Also reading teaches people to express their thoughts and understand the meaning of what has been said by other people.
- It develops thinking and expands horizons. The book explains and shows the life, and even helps to notice the connection of one phenomenon with another. People can learn about other countries and different lifestyles, technology, nature and other things around us from literature.
- Reading gives inspiration and strength. Books entertain and captivate. They make laugh and cry. And also give comfort and show a way out of difficult situation.
- Work with the book stimulates the imagination and boosts creativity.
- Reading helps understand other people and ourselves, and teaches ethics. It is especially good to read literature on psychology. Pieces of work force to think about right and wrong, as well as develop the ability to empathize.
- This is the most useful and affordable activity for emotional and mental and intellectual development of a man. Reading is a source of a great sense of humor. It helps in conversation come up with one's own jokes.

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